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Our Mission Statement: Modernise How Capital Markets Function

Built by practitioners for practitioners: Issufy is the future of investor engagement for individual companies (including startups), investment banks, brokers, advisory firms and asset management firms engaged in complex capital markets distribution situations. No matter what the capital raising or investor relations situation is, our AI-enabled technology offers firms a structured framework to digitally connect with their own investor community and manage all investor interactions, in order to achieve a higher quality of interaction, leading to more effective decision making through better quality data and analytics. These situations have traditionally been managed PURELY using emails, spreadsheets and a simple box on a CRM system which is not fit for purpose any longer.

More Effective

Current methods of managing and recording investor interactions are massively outdated, without a true, two-way platform for effective information exchange.

There is no systematic, flexible framework that can govern how and why investors and people managing these complex investment banking style activities should interact, especially where there is a high degree of uncertainty and a range of different opinions.

Easily extend your ability to engage with a wider range of your own investors at no incremental cost. Improve the breadth of opinion gathering – often critical for execution effectiveness.

Issufy’s platform allows for multiple parties that are managing a transaction to collaborate effectively, with complete control over information flow and visibility of information.

Issufy’s technology framework provides more structure, better data, and Artificial Intelligence-driven engines to help you make better use of your data. Use technology as a competitive advantage to build better relationships with your clients.

More Efficient

Save time and generate better visibility of information through using our industry-leading platform for the structuring, gathering, and analysis of investor feedback and demand, electronic dissemination of deal documentation to investors. Track all forms of engagement to see what investors are truly focussing on.

Completely scalable for any situation and the number of people that you will face.

More Compliant

Regulation is being continually introduced to achieve greater transparency in capital markets transactions.

Issufy helps in this process by creating a “golden source” audit trail for all interactions for MiFID II and MAR compliance, or for general disclaimer management, and allows for effective justification for why specific deal decisions are being made in the case of any internal or external audits that are conducted.

Higher standards for information management and better data capture equals better deal execution and more satisfied clients.