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A Selection Of Organizations That Trust Us:

Main uses include:

  • Initial Public Offerings / Direct Listings
  • Rights Issues
  • Secondary Placings
  • Broader Investor Relations Activities
  • Marketed Follow On Offerings
  • High Yield and EM Debt
  • Private Capital Raises
  • Security Token Offerings

Financial Intermediaries e.g. Online Capital Raising Platforms, Brokers, Advisory Firms, Investment Banks

Digitise institutional distribution for primary capital raises, both public and private and general IR situations; capture better quality data and enable digital engagement with a wider range of your own investors, including tracking investor behaviour over time. Improve how information is structured and captured, whether it is from your own people to leverage your distribution capabilities, or from your investor community directly. AI enabled analysis for advanced, real-time decision making.

Improve relationships with your corporate clients through better insights gained from better quality and breadth of investor engagement information. Send out and track engagement with all transaction documentation, including deal research, securely and effectively.

Demonstrate and justify decision making in transaction execution, with complete states of change of valuation and investor opinions recorded, for advanced regulatory purposes. Facilitate Market Abuse Regulation compliance by automating wall crossing situations for the creation of insider lists. Can be applied for external and internal wall crosses, including dealing with investor gatekeepers. Make sure effective allocation is happening using our allocation scenario analysis tools, which can also deal with placings (including pro-rata entitlement decisions).

Gives a true, 360-degree picture of each and every transaction, including being able to track the effectiveness and efficiency of the people involved. The Issufy platform can be white-labeled as required.

Individual Companies

Ensure that you have oversight over the complete distribution of your transaction or investor engagement. See how reactions to your investment thesis are developing in real time. Ensure effective investor targeting and engagement happens on an ongoing basis.

Manage all aspects of fundraising if you want to do it yourself: investor engagement; documentation tracking; NDA management and disclaimer management. Leverage the power of your own network more meaningfully and professionalise the entire capital raising process. Can be used by companies of all sizes, including startups.


Improved standards for capital raising activities for your members.

Facilitate genuine investor engagement for new issuance Direct Listings.

Offer your issuers a complete technology-driven investor relationship management solution to use post listing.

Asset Managers

Participate directly in capital market transactions when you want and as you want, if invited by syndicates for transactions. Have better quality conversations with syndicate / sales around those transactions. Limit duplication of feedback. Capture the full audit trail of interactions for regulatory purposes.

Use the platform directly as a client to manage investor relations and end investor engagement for new fund launches.


Issufy comprises some of the most experienced technology, investment banking, institutional investing and regulatory/operations people anywhere in the world. We can help you analyse any Financial Technology related problem, and structure, and implement any solution as you see fit. Please do get in touch.