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Pricing £0 per month Custom
Company Users Unlimited Unlimited
Investor Capacity Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Investors Attached to an Activity 20 Unlimited
Number of Activities permitted User can only be attached to 1 active Activity at any time Unlimited
Number of Feedback and Demand Rounds permitted (per Activity) 1 for each type (Valuation, Qualitative, Demand) Unlimited
Aggregated Response pages Full Access Full Access and Customisable
Allocation page Permitted Permitted
Document Upload (per Tab) 1 at any point in time (i.e. can upload document, delete it and upload another one) Unlimited
Custom Notes Fully Enabled Fully Enabled
Exporting Disabled Enabled
API Access Disabled Custom
Support Limited only to chat / tickets created via Freshdesk – no guaranteed response time Full Service (based on SLA)
Compliance Full Access (with only 1 document allowed to be attached to wall cross function) Full Access
* We offer special packages for start-up companies. Please contact us for more.


  • Enable native, digital, direct connectivity to your own investor community with complete control over the extent of interaction
  • True digital distribution: structure, gather and analyse all types of investor insights/feedback, including valuation feedback in real time through questionnaires that can be easily customised and answered either by people involved in speaking to investors or by investors directly, all within your control
  • Native artificial intelligence powered analytics to generate valuable insights into structured and unstructured information in real time
  • Gather and structure demand / orders to perform real time bookbuilding, with the option of investors giving orders directly to prevent duplication
  • Fully digital documentation distribution with the ability to control and track full usage of documents by any party
  • Full syndication management facilities to allow multiple parties to collaborate effectively together, with full control over information flows
  • Complete control over sending notifications and activity specific emails, which can all be customised with your own logos and messaging


  • Easy Market Abuse Regulations compliance built-in as standard for market soundings – automation of insider lists for internal and external purposes, including the ability to cope with Gatekeepers at investor organisations
  • Full disclaimer management for private capital raising situations
  • Complete audit trail of all interactions, with snapshots of all activity for MiFID II regulatory compliance. Build up a full history of how investor interactions have occurred over time, with complete information about ‘states of the world’ and how they have changed. Critical for justifying decision making around pricing and allocations.


  • Full API suite to manage data flow between your system and Issufy
  • Bank-grade security. All data is encrypted so it’s safe in transit and on our servers with 256 bit AES encryption as standard
  • Storage complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Cloud native, web-based platform, easily accessible from a web browser, on a desktop or tablet